Oct 29, 2007

Nostradamus Lost Book: 2012 Predictions

The World Will End by 2012! How many times have we heard the world is coming to an end. But then again, the History Channel pops up Nostradamus and his 16th century predictions back to life. Hmm, Halloween is around the corner, what a coincidence! If I am not in a mistake, the world got to an end in 2k. So all this must be happening in heaven or in hell. Why are we in constant fear that the world is going to disappear, if we are all going to die anyway? Maybe it is because that justifies Doomsday, faith, and a lot of things more. At least predictions should be true in the end, knowing that for sure, we could go and squander all our money, laugh in our boss's face, tell that girl how much you loved her or spend more time with our kids. I am not afraid about the end of the world since this is not going to happen soon unless we are hit by a huge meteorite. On the other hand, I like the mystic side of Nostradamus story and I am one of those people who think that strange things happen, or at least I like to believe that and that's the essence of it all, we like to have faith, we are used to live in fear, we enjoy all the fuzz about predictions, prophets, fortune tellers, unbelievable things, we are human after all and we have not changed much inside since we painted mystic hunting scenes on the cave walls and looked at the stars in fear of the unknown.


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