Oct 29, 2007

View of the Asylum of Saint-Rémy by Vincent Van Gogh

The View of the Asylum of Saint Remy, one of Van Gogh's paintings that belongs to Elizabeth Taylor's private collection is going to stay in the same hands for a long time since the US Supreme Court has recently denied to rule on this old case. The painting has been in Taylor's possession since her father bought it at a London auction in 1963. A family of Jew origins claims that the painting was looted by Nazis and that they are the rightful owners. This story is not new but now it seems to have come to an end. To learn more check these two articles that appeared as far back as 2004 and 2005.

- Liz Taylor denies in court that Nazis took painting (The San Diego Union - Tribune July 4, 2004)
- Suit against Elizabeth Taylor dismissed (USA Today 02/08/2005)

If you don't care about who has the painting and you prefer to learn something about Saint Rémy period (1889-1890) of Vincent Van Gogh just visit the link.


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