Jan 11, 2008

4 Girls Finger Paint - No Reaction -

This is a story with two readings. On the one hand, the video, the gross video, which is much worse than 2 girls and one cup. On the other hand the reactions, lots of reactions, incredible faces of normal people, sitting there watching and about to throw up on the screen. I recommend you just see the faces, the reaction videos, since it is this introduction what is really good about the story, cause believe me, the other story sucks. If you are under certain age, if you are weak, conservative, religious or of whatever moral condition that prevents you from watching animal, inhuman, uncanny behavior, then stay away from this video(s). But our curiosity is strong and those faces, thousands of viewers all around the world, watching and writhing in disgust are extremely tempting for some. The sad thing is that you don't have to go to secret places to watch this s***, you just have to write the name+dot+com and voilá! This world is going nuts and it really scares me sometimes.


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