Jun 14, 2008

Tim Russert

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NBC’s Tim Russert Dies
NBC’s Tim Russert Dies

Tim Russert, the host of “Meet the Press,” has died, NBC News reports.

06/13/2008 03:28 PM

Tim Russert
Tim Russert

Top headline on Drudge provides quite a shock, Tim Russert, the host of Meet the Press has died at age 58. He was a titanic presence in Washington journalism. especially since taking over the influential Sunday talk-show in 1991. ...

06/13/2008 04:37 PM

Tim Russert Is Dead
Tim Russert Is Dead

“I was greatly saddened to learn of Tim Russert’s untimely death. Tim was a warm and gracious family man with a great zest for life and an unsurpassed passion for his work. His rise from working-class roots to become a well-respected ...

06/13/2008 04:23 PM

Remembering Tim Russert
Remembering Tim Russert

For a brief shining period of my life, my late dad and I were in Tim Russert’s new book, “Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons,” his collection of memories from others about their fathers. ...

06/13/2008 03:45 PM

Tim Russert dies while at work at NBC bureau in Washington ...
Tim Russert dies while at work at NBC bureau in Washington ...

WASHINGTON--Tim Russert, one of the nation's top political analysts, the moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press," countless debates and the NBC Washington bureau chief died Friday while at work. Russert was 58. Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw ...

06/13/2008 04:44 PM

Report: Tim Russert Dead
Report: Tim Russert Dead

We're hearing a rumor that Tim Russert collapsed and died from a coronary while preparing Meet the Press at NBC Studios today. UPDATE: A source confirms. Russert was transported from the NBC studio in DC to DC's Sibley Hospital at about ...

06/13/2008 04:10 PM

Tim Russert Dies of a Heart Attack
Tim Russert Dies of a Heart Attack

TMZ.com: NBC News' Tim Russert has died of a heart attack, the New York Times is reporting. He was 58.The Times cites Russert's family as its source.The "Meet the Press" host is survived by his wife Maureen Orth -- a special ...

06/13/2008 11:25 AM

Washington Mourns Loss of Tim Russert
Washington Mourns Loss of Tim Russert

The shock of the untimely death of Tim Russert, host of “Meet the Press,” reverberated across and outside Washington, DC today as the politicians, candidates, and pundits who sat across the table from Russert on his popular Sunday ...

06/13/2008 07:51 AM

Newsman Tim Russert dies at 58
Newsman Tim Russert dies at 58

NBC News' Tim Russert. (CNN) — Tim Russert, who became one of America's leading political journalists as the host of NBC's "Meet the Press," died Friday, according to the network. He was 58. He collapsed and died at work, according to ...

06/13/2008 03:55 PM

A YouTube Tribute To Tim Russert, Dead Today At 58
A YouTube Tribute To Tim Russert, Dead Today At 58

NBC/MSNBC political broadcast Tim Russert died today at work in Washington, killed by a sudden heart attack. Russert and his family had just returned from a vacation in Italy where they were celebrating the college graduation of son ...

06/13/2008 04:22 PM

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